The clean lines of SeceuroGlide roller garage doors are attractive in any setting. Their ‘Excel’ roller garage door is the first garage door to be tested and approved to official UK Police & Insurance security standards.

The choice of colourful finishes can provide either an accent or a complement to existing finishes. SeceuroGlide is a high performance roller garage door designed to give thermal and acoustic insulation properties far superior to the average garage door, together with a variety of functional features that put this door at the leading edge of garage door technology.

The SeceuroGlide, with its insulated aluminium lath design, is vertically opening allowing vehicles to be parked right up to the door. This compact door gives superior headroom and increased overhead storage space. All garage doors are remote control as standard and with their many other security and safety features, SeceuroGlide are the ultimate choice for roller garage doors

Roller Garage Doors

SeceuroGlide Excel is fitted with an innovative locking mechanism that automatically secures the door every time it closes. Upon closing, the aluminium slats firmly interlock, resisting attempts to break through or lift the door by force. To prevent the curtain from being forced out of its guide rails, the Excel also features unique bottom slat anchors (patent applied for).

In addition, steel end plates and the curtain webbing assembly system also contribute to the security rating.

Roller Garage Doors
Roller Garage Doors

Garador/Hormann Roller

Reliable and safe: the tension spring assembly

Convincing technology

The tested tension spring assembly supports the operator during the opening and closing of the door. This protects the operator mechanism and in case of an emergency, the door can easily be opened by hand. Double cabling additionally protects the door from crashing to the floor.

The Special profile arrangement at the shaft guarantees a secure, break-in resistant locking. With this mechanism, it is practically impossible to push the curtain open.

Maintenance friendly and especially silent.

Operator included as standard.

The operator is located outside the shaft cover for trouble free maintenance. The movement of the rollerdoor are particularly soft and silent, preserving the door. An internal push button and light are already integrated in the control housing.