Cone and Cable replacements are the most commonly requested item for garage door repairs. Cone and cable garage door repairs should only be carried out by experienced garage door repair fitters, as incorrect spring adjustments can lead to serious injuries.

New Spindles are normally required when a flat spot occurs on the roller. This is mainly due to a greased track, resulting in the spindles sliding up and down instead of rolling, causing the garage door to operate inefficiently due to lack of friction. Tracks should therefore always remain dry.

Replacement locks can be supplied and fitted.

Spare or replacement handsets for automated garage door systems require on-site programming. Prices start from £65 for a new handset plus a programming call-out charge.

Garage Door Repairs

Floor seals are increasingly popular, they are ideal if your old garage lets in leaves, or water runs down into the garage. They are fixed to the floor and the garage closes up to the seal. Supply & fitting charges vary depending on the size of the seal required.

Garage Door Repairs
Garage Door Repairs


Repairs are fully Inclusive:

  • A full service of your garage door
  • Spring re-tension
  • A six month guarantee on all works